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Caveat Emptor [kav-ee-aht emp-tawr,] noun 1. buyer beware Caveat Venditor [kah-ee-aht venn-dee-tawr,] noun 1. seller beware Know any Latin? Chances are you know at least two words: “Caveat Emptor”. Forget them. Depending on your age, perhaps depending upon what decade you were born, you may have lived during a time where the seller possessed all the information, the seller knew all the good and the bad - and the seller had no obligation to disclose any of it. It was the duty of the buyer to investigate. “Caveat Emptor” forced the buyer to live with their purchase. While you didn’t have to live during Major League Baseball’s “dead ball era” to know the term, Caveat Emptor is just as dead as that forgotten era. “Caveat Venditor” are today’s Latin words. Who do “lemon laws” protect? We all know lemon laws are there to protect the consumer. For the last 50 years or so, the world has progressed to wanting every consumer to be fully informed. Today, nearly everything can be discovered on the Internet, right? No, it can’t. For instance, does your home have radon? No? Your buyer will demand that you “please” hand over that report. Did you fill out your disclosures accurately? What property is yours and what’s your neighbor’s? Is that mold? Think about it: how you answer is important! By the way, don’t discriminate by advertising your home as being perfect for “families.” That’s a potential federal discrimination violation! Is having a walk-in closet or being within walking distance to the park discriminatory? Which of the two online articles you just read were correct? Now you’re in trouble. What else should today’s seller be aware of? Did inaccurate, inconclusive “public” information cause you to leave money on the table by pricing your home too low, maybe missing top dollar by 10% - or more? Or how about pricing too high, and every other home on the market sells, except yours. How many homes have you expertly negotiated the price and terms on? Have you won the price via negotiation, but over-allowed on the “terms” and undersold yourself? Did you know you don’t have to needlessly and unnecessarily pay for fees prewritten into a contract that do not benefit you? What are the ways you could lose all your oil and gas rights? Do you know how to avoid paying real estate taxes to the county for coal you’ve never owned? This article isn’t long enough to discuss all the various frauds, mistakes and gimmicks you may encounter in the house selling world. We at Harvey Goodman Realtor® work each day, helping both buyers and sellers through the mentally, physically, and financially rewarding (and risky) process of buying and selling a home. Whether you’re an “emptor” or “venditor”, here are two non-Latin words to remember: Harvey Goodman. Broker, Seller Beware? Harvey Goodman, Realtor ®