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Problem: A LOT of properties needing work; some are lender required repairs, others are home inspector issues, and still more are updates today’s buyers want. 1. Repairs: Roofs, electrical, and foundation repairs can easily exceed $10,000 in cost. Most sellers don’t have that kind of money on hand, and the majority of buyer’s don’t, either. Buyers don’t want to make repairs to properties they don’t yet own, sellers quite often don’t have the resources to make those repairs, and these repairs can’t usually be made in time for settlement. Properties generally can’t close without such items being fixed. The end result is: sellers can’t sell and buyer’s can’t buy! 2. Home inspector items: Although hired to report any upcoming or current issues with a property, home inspectors can often cite issues that nether the seller or the buyer are prepared to deal with… issues that often cost thousands of unexpected dollars, like mold remediation, radon, lead based paint, air quality issues, foundation problems, leaky basements, and so much more. If the seller had known or had the resources, they probably would have fixed those items. NOW who will pay for them? The end result: no sale, and the buyer is out the cost of the home inspection and maybe even the appraisal! 3. Buyer desired updates: The house is in a great location, but the kitchen needs gutted, the bathrooms are beyond their lifespan, the roof has 3 layers of shingles, the windows are ancient, and that’s just the beginning of the issues with the house. The cost for these items can easily exceed $30,000, and can go as high as $100,000- and more! Sellers don’t want to pay for such items, as they will never recoup the cost, and buyers simply do not have the resources to make such updates. Fantasy: Every imaginable repair and update, done, from repairs to home inspector items to buyer wants and needs, repaired or replaced, all with one affordable payment. Reality: Yes, you can have a house where you want it, just like you want it! We realized that with today’s lifestyles and demands, not everyone has the extra money to make the home improvements they’d like in their new homes- and we found a solution! Solution: Your Harvey Goodman agent will negotiate a contract that has repairs and updates approved right along with your loan. We have access to a huge menu of the BEST financial options and tools to help YOU own your next home with the kitchens, bathrooms, windows, flooring, roofs, siding, and even ADA needs easily addressed. Large or small, nearly every repair and upgrade can be addressed, and most issues that usually block a sale or a purchase can be handled with the proper financing tools- resources our Harvey Goodman, Realtor agents have received in-depth exposure to and training on! Call one of our Harvey Goodman, Realtor ® , offices TODAY, and ask about RENOVATING your next home! Its the best way anywhere to find the home that you love, in an area you want, with all the updates that you’ve been wishing for. Make your next house p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Click or call Harvey! Broker, Where some folks find problems, Harvey Goodman, Realtor ®, finds answers! Harvey Goodman, Realtor ® CLICK OR CALL HARVEY! ST. CLAIRSVILLE BARNESVILLE MARTINS FERRY MOUNDSVILLE STEUBENVILLE WEIRTON WHEELING