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T his may seem like it’s going to be a rather self-serving article, but it’s one you’ll want to read to the end. Most folks would agree that real estate is usually the most valuable asset they will ever own. As Realtors, you’d expect us to agree, too. But the truth is, your family is your most priceless asset by far. Protecting our families, and our future generations, is at the core of who we are. We seek out the best doctors. We ask those we trust for the best attorneys. Making a call to a Realtor should be the first decision anyone makes when selling or buying property. I know that’s not what anyone expected to hear- but, far too often, so goes it with the truth. Just yesterday, I was made aware of a transaction a few months back wherein someone sold their property themselves, without the right person there to protect them or advise them of terms they did not know about, but absolutely should have considered. The “terms”, the rights, the seller’s lost during their negotiations were their oil and gas rights. In this particular transaction, which was not unlike most in our area, the sales price was gotten- but the terms were tragically neglected. What seemed like an easy, “home run” sale turned into a huge loss, because the seller did not address nor negotiate their oil and gas rights, and those rights, over the course of the coming years, were likely worth more than the value of the property. More than simply the “top line”, the value of the gas and oil would have, and should have, returned great monetary benefit to their family. By not being an expert, the sellers literally gave those rights away, to the detriment of themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. What should have been a windfall for generations is now an absolutely free pile of money for the lucky buyers. Not having an expert handle the sale of your property may be the costliest mistake you could ever make. Along with critically important oil and gas issues, sellers need to be aware of many other negotiable items, and how to handle them, such as: Harvey Goodman, Realtor ® CLICK OR CALL HARVEY! ST. CLAIRSVILLE BARNESVILLE MARTINS FERRY MOUNDSVILLE STEUBENVILLE WEIRTON WHEELING • Pre and post settlement possession • Rent backs • Home sale contingency • Closing cost assistance • After closing repairs • Pre-closing repairs • Radon mitigation • Appraisal issues • Condition disclosures • Mold and mold abatement • Structural issues This list just scratches the surface of the types of things that most often need considered and worked through on every property sale. Every single transaction is unique and offers it’s own unique set of conditions that effect YOUR bottom line- and your legal liabilities. Whether you are selling a property or buying one, hiring a professional is not a cost, but a savings- and the above is just one example of this truth. When it comes to your children, and your grandchildren, there is no such thing as too much due care. My letter this month was not intended to be self-serving. Instead, the message it sends is intended to serve you, and protect you and your most cherished asset: your family. John Sambuco,